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(Photo: Liam Everett)

(Photo: Liam Everett)

Overlap is a situation-inspired performance for "The Month of May", a series of exhibitions and performances in New York City, coordinated by Margaret Lee. Liam Everett curated a weekend of performances which includes our work. We wanted to respond to the specific space where the performance takes place—an abandoned office on the second floor of a commercial building on Canal Street in Chinatown. Using the vacant office as our starting point we decided to approach the architecturally challenging space in personal terms. Overlap continues our explorations of respective movement but this time we are conjoined and working with the backdrop of a vernacular-specific environment.

Performance: Friday, May 15, 8:00-9:30 / 179 Canal Street, 2nd Floor

(Photo: Deborah Wing-Sproul)