one/another, a performance-based, single-channel video projection, marks the formal beginning of our collaborations.

In today’s political climate, considerable emphasis is placed on culture and cultural identity, primarily focusing on differences between populations. Instead of embracing a polar stereotype of East / West, Ling-Wen Tsai and Deborah Wing-Sproul collaborate out of a shared sensibility with one another and to the world at large. One half of a split screen focuses solely on Tsai, the other half on Wing-Sproul. The video is a document of their respective (and separate) physical explorations of a single interior environment. Their reciprocal approach to space and time makes visible an intangible shared sensibility.

TransCultural Exchange holds an annual conference which focuses on international opportunities in the arts. In addition, the organization curates an international exhibition. This years exhibit, Here, There and Everywhere, Anticipating the Art for the Future, represents approximately 60 artists, from nearly as many nations, with exhibitions taking place throughout the world in 2009. one/another was screened at Tampopo ArtSpace, Tainan County, Taiwan and SPACE Gallery, Portland, Maine, USA during the month of March 2009. The exhibit is fully documented with both a virtual catalogue (at the TransCultural Exchange website) as well as a print catalogue.